The LGA 200 is specially designed for filling gas analysis in combination with one particular type of lamp. The device technology adapted to the lamp type enables the determination of concentrations and partial pressures of the filling gas components.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of lamp fillings
  • Multi-component analysis of lamp gas from percentage to ppm for quality control and routine analytics
  • Optimized for one particular lamp type
  • Manual breaking device and sample holder according to customer needs
  • Inlet valves for calibration and test gases (on request)
  • Automated data analysis
  • Compact unit, small footprint
  • Faraday and Channeltron Detector
  • Special Ion source
  • Mass range
    1 - 100, 1 - 200 amu
  • PC
    Windows® 7 or higher
  • Software
    InProcess Quadstar
  • Data communication
    Ethernet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC others on request
  • Electrical connection
    Main voltage 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz others on request
  • Protection class
    IP 54
  • Ambient conditions
    Temperature < 35°C; rel. humidity < 75%
  • Dimensions
    approx. 700 x 920 x 1145 mm (w x d x h)
  • Weight
    approx. 150 kg
  • Illuminant industry
  • Research and Laboratory
  • Quality Control
  • Special Applications
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