Sprinter ALD system is designed to disrupt batch ALD production on 300 mm manufacturing lines in the semiconductor (e.g. emerging memory, transistor, capacitor), display, and IoT component industries. In Sprinter, barrier, high-k oxide, and other films are deposited with perfect ALD in mass production volumes.

Fully automated combines the leading single wafer film quality and uniformity with fast processing, high throughput, and uncompromising reliability(*). Compared to vertical furnace reactors typically used for batch ALD processing, Sprinter provides higher film quality with lower thermal budget, so it is suitable also for temperature-sensitive devices.

Sprinter combines very fast process times with smaller batch sizes than in vertical furnaces, which allows greater production flexibility and minimized risk without sacrificing throughput.

The core of the Sprinter is its disruptively designed reaction chamber, where fully laminar precursor flows ensure perfect ALD deposition with no parasitic CVD growth. This minimizes the need for system maintenance.

The Sprinter ALD module can be integrated to customer’s manufacturing line or cluster. It is suitable also for single wafer manufacturing lines as it does not disturb the process flow.

• Picosun’s own, proprietary, SEMI-compliant scheduler
• One common interface to control the whole cluster
• Data logged every 20 ms
• Trend data can be exported
• Access rights for different user levels
• EtherCAT-based communication for MFCs and MFMs
• Enhanced recovery features
• One common event log for the whole cluster
• Freely configurable and scalable recipe editor (no fixed number of steps and loops)
• Recipes can be edited / created any time during system operation
• 300 mm wafers in batch for high throughput ALD
• Double-side coating possible
• High aspect ratio samples (up to 1:2500)
• Up to 400 °C
• Liquid, solid, gas, ozone
• Level sensors available for precursor containers
• Continuous dispenser for pyrophoric precursors available as option (delivering up to 4 tools)
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