The P-300B ALD system is specially designed for production of MEMS devices such as print heads, sensors, and microphones, and coating of various 3D items such as mechanical machinery parts, glass or metal sheets, coins, watch parts and jewelry, lenses, optics, and medical devices and implants. The P-300 ALD systems have become the new standard in high volume ALD manufacturing. By integrating our patented hot-wall design with fully separated inlets, we can create the highest quality ALD films with excellent yield, low particle levels, and superior electrical and optical performance. The agile design with easy and fast maintenance ensures minimum system downtime and lowest cost-of-ownership in the market. Our proprietary Picoflow™ diffusion enhancer technology enables highly conformal coatings on ultra-high aspect ratio substrates with production-proven processes.

• 200 mm wafers in batches of 25 pcs (standard pitch)
• 150 mm wafers in batches of 50 pcs (standard pitch)
• 100 mm wafers in batches of 75 pcs (standard pitch)
• All kinds of 3-dimensional items such as mechanical machinery parts, coins, watch parts and jewelry, lenses, optics, and medical equipment, surgical implants and implantable devices (PicoMEDICAL™ solutions)
• High aspect ratio samples (up to 1:2500)
• 50 – 500°C
• Batch processes available with cycle times down to single digit seconds
• Al2O3, SiO2, Ta2O5, HfO2, ZnO, TiO2, ZrO2, AlN, TiN, and metals
• Down to <1% 1σ non-uniformity in a batch (Al2O3, WIW, WTW, B2B, 49 pts, 5mm EE)
• Manual loading with a pneumatic lift
• Linear semi-automatic loading
• Industrial robot loading
• Liquid, solid, gas, ozone
• Level sensors, cleaning and refill service
• Up to 8 sources with 4 separate inlets
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