R-200 Standard ALD systems are suitable for R&D on dozens of applications such as IC components, MEMS devices, displays, LEDs, lasers, and 3D objects such as lenses, optics, jewelry, coins, and medical implants.

R-200 Standard ALD system is the market leader in thermal ALD research tools. It has become the tool of choice both for companies and research institutes driven by innovation.

• 50-200 mm single wafers
• 156 mm x 156 mm solar Si wafers
• 3D objects
• Powders and particles
• Mini-batch
• Porous, through-porous, and high aspect ratio (up to 1:2500)
• 50 – 500°C
• Al2O3, TiO2, SiO2, Ta2O5, HfO2, ZnO, ZrO2, TiN, AlN, metals such as Pt or Ir
• Manual loading with a pneumatic lift
• Load lock with magnetic manipulator arm
• Liquid, solid, gas, ozone
• Up to 6 sources with 4 separate inlets
• Picoflow™ diffusion enhancer, RGA, N2 generator, gas scrubber, customized designs, glove box compatibility for inert loading
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