The model LN2-IMM-T is an immersion tail liquid nitrogen system which can be used in the bore of a superconducting magnet for testing high-temperature superdonductors.
One configuration includes a dewar with an NW-40 top flange and a special adapter that allows the dewar to be used with a SuperTran high efficiency transfer line.
The transfer line adapter includes a 1/2" o-ring compression seal to provide a pressure-tight seal around the 0.5" diameter storage dewar leg of the Janis SuperTran transfer line.
The transfer line adapter also includes a pressure gauge, 4 psi safety pressure relief valve, and a vent valve that can also be used to pressurize the dewar by connecting it to a N2 gas cylinder with a regulator (cylinder and regulator are not included).

The other configuration includes a standard dewar with a LN2 withdrawal device. The withdrawal device is useful for filling smaller containers with LN2 from the Janis dewar.
The withdrawal device includes a pressure gauge, safety pressure relief valve, a short Stainless Steel tube for dispensing LN2, and a shut off valve.
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