For quality control and R&D in lamp production and development The device technology adapted to the lamp type enables the determination of concentrations and partial pressures of the filling gas components.
  • Determination of total and partial pressure of the gas filling and qualitative analysis of lamp gas composition
  • Quantitative gas analysis of main components as well as of traces down to the sub-ppm range
  • Optional lamp magazine (on request) for up to 8 lamps of mixed types
  • Lamp breaking chamber and sample holders (on request) according to requirements
  • Automatic system calibration, sample analysis, data processing and analysis report
  • 90° off-axis SEM detector
  • High performance cross beam ion source
  • Mass range
    1 - 300 amu
  • PC
    Windows® 7 or higher
  • Software
    InProcess Quadstar
  • Data communication
    Ethernet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC others on request
  • Electrical connection
    Main voltage 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz others on request
  • Protection class
    IP 54
  • Ambient conditions
    Temperature < 35°C; rel. humidity < 75%
  • Dimensions
    1050 x 970 x 1200 mm; 600 x 810 x 1700 mm (w x d x h)
  • Weight
    approx. 300 kg
  • Illuminant industry
  • Research and Laboratory
  • Quality Control
  • Special Applications
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