• These systems are offered in both room temperature bore configurations and variable temperature integrated configurations for operation from below 2 k to 300 K.
  • Non optical systems are also offered with vertical room temperature bore tubes, along with a top loading cryogen free cryostat for operation between 1.5 K and 300 K or higher.
  • The magnets are typically cooled through reliable Gifford McMahon or pulse tube coolers for lower vibrations.
  • The independent variable temperature cryostats can also be used separately for ultimate convenience.
  • Our cryogen free magnet systems can also be combined with microscopy cryostats, He-3 cryostats and dilution refrigerators to cover temperatures down to the 10 mK range or with high temperature inserts for operation up to 800 K.
  • They are available to investigate a large variety of research studies such as Quantum Hall Effect, Quantum Dots, Mossbauer Spectroscopy, Magneto-Optical experiments, plus many others.
  • They are also available with 2-Axis or 3-Axis vector magnets for Spintronic and neutron scattering or other experiments that require precise variation of the field direction relative to sample.
  • Sample Environment
    Vacuum/UHV or exchange gas
  • Operating Temperature
    1.5 K - 700 K
  • Magnetic Field
    0 - 14 Tesla
  • Optical Access
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