SuperTran-VP Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems

  • Cooling type: LHe or LN2
  • Minimum temperature: 1.5 K
  • Maximum temperature: 325 K
  • Sample environment: Flowing vapor
  • Cooldown: 30 min (to 5 K)
  • Sample change time: <10 min
  • Typical stability: ±50 mK

SuperTran-VP cryostats cool samples by immersion in a temperature-controlled flowing gas. Simple to operate, they use a high-efficiency transfer line to deliver LHe (or LN2) to the sample chamber for cooling the sample from <2 K to 325 K (or 77 K to 325 K with LN2). Built-in heaters and sensors provide precision dual-loop variable temperature capability. Temperatures below 4.2 K are achieved by reducing the venting helium gas pressure using a mechanical vacuum pump.

Typical applications include spectroscopy (photoluminescence, FTIR, UV-visible, Raman), materials characterization (resistivity, Hall effect), as well as low-temperature and component testing.

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