SuperTran Continuous Flow Cryostat Systems

The SuperTran series (ST) sample in vacuum models cover the temperature range from <2 K to 800 K. In addition to general-purpose systems, Janis Research builds ST systems designed for specific applications including FTIR, ESR, NMR, UHV, Hall effect, atomic force, microscopy and more. Temperature control capability in an economical and easy-to-use package.
  • No vacuum pump required for temperatures over 4.2 K
  • No heating of exhaust gas required
  • Monitoring of flow rate not required
  • Easily adaptable to a He recovery system
  • Highly flexible transfer line with a minimum 12 in bend radius

Standard configuration

With an extensive range of field-proven applications and a worldwide installation base, SuperTran represents the state-of-the-art in continuous flow cryostat design. Using liquid helium (LHe) or liquid nitrogen (LN2), most of the systems provide fast (15 min or less to 4.2 K with LHe) cooldown, a <2 K to 325 K total operating range, and precise temperature control capability in an economical and easy-to-use package.

All systems consist of a cold finger, radiation shield, sample holder, lightweight aluminum vacuum shroud, electrical feedthrough ports, and a high efficiency flexible 6 ft cryogen transfer line. SuperTrans can be operated in any orientation with only minor variations in efficiencies. Temperatures of the sample are varied by means of a heater attached to the cold finger. The sample mount and all standard Janis sample holders have provisions for thermometry which, in conjunction with an optional temperature controller, allow precise control over sample temperature.

Standard systems produce sample temperatures of 77 K to 325 K (LN2) and 4.2 K to 325 K (LHe). Continuous operation at temperatures below 4.2 K is readily achieved by reducing the pressure at the venting port of the system. For most of the systems, <2 K temperatures can typically be maintained for approximately seven minutes without external heat load by pumping on the LHe inventory of the cold finger. Optional high-power heaters provide sample temperatures to 800 K on special order. A high efficiency superinsulated, vacuum-jacketed transfer line, equipped with evacuation and safety pressure relief valves, connects the cryostat head to a storage Dewar. The 0.50 in diameter storage Dewar leg fits most commercially available storage Dewars. All Janis Research systems are fully integrated and liquid helium tested at the Wilmington, Massachusetts facility prior to shipment. If rising liquid helium costs are making it difficult to conduct your research, Janis' recirculating gas cooler eliminates the use of liquid helium for "wet" systems.
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