CCR Cryogenic Cold Traps

Helium 3 Technologies & Consulting offers a series of cryogenic cold trap systems (CCT) using mechanical coolers. These traps are primarily used in the adsorption of noble gases, including helium, neon, argon, krypton and xenon. The CCTs aid in the extraction of such gases from geological materials collected from volcanic hot springs, to get insight into the planetary evolution of the Earth. They are also used to adsorb various oxygen isotopes from meteorites and polar ice caps and ocean island olivines.

Standard configuration

The CCT's are supplied in a variety of customized configurations for operation at precisely controlled temperatures between 10 K and 450 K. These include multiple isothermal traps in one unit or several multipurpose traps (water vapor, carbon dioxide, oxygen, helium, etc.) in the same system. All systems are supplied with thermometry and automatic temperature controllers for full computerized automation. Below are descriptions of three different types of cold traps:
-A single cold trap designed to operate between 10 K and 450 K, or a simpler version that reaches 340 K. The cold trap itself is made from copper (0.75 in ID × 0.85 in tall), with a pressure cooled activated charcoal getter.
-A multiple trap system (seven traps in this case) operating between 25 K and room temperature. The six independent trapping volumes can all be cycled simultaneously between the two extreme temperatures.
-A double refrigerated system that includes inlet and outlet lines into three traps. The first one is a water vapor trap with ends held at -140 °C and -60 °C. The second trap is a 24 K trap with inlet and outlet lines, and the third trap is a 12 K trap with one inlet line.