10 K CCR cryostats

  • Cooling type:Cryogen-free
  • Minimum temperature: 7 K to 11 K
  • Maximum temperature: 325 K; options for 500 K and 800 K
  • Vibration Low-vibration 40 nm option
  • Cryocooler: Gifford-McMahon
  • Cryocooler power options 2 W at 20 K, 3 W at 10 K, and 7 W at 20 K

Lake Shore 10 K CCR Series cryostats provide cryogen-free cooling for optical and electrical measurements from ~7 K to 11 K to 325 K. They are equipped with interchangeable optics and include provisions for a wide variety of electrical connectors. A sturdy mounting stand provides convenient mounting to an optical table in any orientation. 500 K and 800 K options are available.

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